Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Swimming, Spaghetti & Sweating the Small Stuff

Painting with my Granny & my Cousin
I had a strange experience this week. I found myself sincerely worrying about something that had not yet happened and, were it to happen, would cause me, at worst, minor inconvenience and irritation. In short, I was worrying about something completely insignificant. It was only when the insignificance dawned on me, that the significance followed. When did my brain find space to allow insignificant worries to slip in and make their presence felt?

So I had a metaphorical dig around my head space. Then I found it, with a thin layer of dust on, tucked away in a corner, was the heavy grey box labelled 'impending doom'. It had slipped towards the back, a spot it occupied for years prior to our diagnosis whereupon it was propelled to front and centre and tended to daily. I just hadn't noticed it recessing, clearing the space for frivolous, recreational worrying.

It's no surprise that I have not had time to waste sweating the big stuff because Mojo's diary is jam-packed with fun stuff at the moment. Our month has been spent making ever more progress with the amazing team of people we have around us. Her sitting is improving daily and she can sit for slightly longer each time. She is propping herself up as a reflex which is another one of those things which sounds spectacularly simple but has taken a great deal of work. New skills include
 - Clapping: Single claps which don't always connect and must be prefixed by 'ready...steady...clap' but oh the joy on her face is something to behold
 - Waving: This is down to our lovely portage worker. Mojo can now lift her arm and open her hand to wave when people leave the house. Again she LOVES to do it not least because she gets the kind of reaction usually reserved for a balcony kiss at a royal wedding.

- Swimming: Okay so not lengths of front crawl but she has been attending water therapy classes which she has loved, primarily because it combines two of her favourite things, singing and her portage worker Martha (who I think she loves only slightly less than she loves hubs & I)
- Eating Spaghetti: In very small quantities and chopped up into teeny bits BUT it's being eaten!
- Differentiating and choosing between a plastic cup, a rubber dog, a teddy bear and a ball when revealed from inside a fabric bag. Yeah, you kind of have to be there but trust me it's ace.

All in all, life is very good with us at the moment and whilst we never lose sight of how quickly the dust can be blown off that 'impending doom' feeling we must also take the time to revel in it's subsiding and celebrate the wondrous achievements of our little girl who wasn't supposed to have any quality of life.